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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Revitalizing Spirit.

It seems that freely expressing myself one way or another, and the most now was on this very blog, is the antidote which makes me forget everything. Coupled with many sources of advice and research, my stance seems to be final - to let it go. Anything else I do would be a huge gamble, and the odds are more likely than not stacked against me anyway.

It's got to be one of the most often questions asked ever in the history of mankind, but every single situation is different, uniquely different. Only a small part of what happens later is under my control. I have to show that I can deal with this. Yet again, it's hard to think that less than one day has passed between yesterday's post and today's...

It's not like I was ever alienated by individualism. I was accustomed to it, the very personification of it. But I have grown. Yes, maybe a little bit later than everyone else. But I could even use that to my advantage. Now you all...I hope your sensibility shows as well.

Perhaps I was right all along. I didn't have to ditch the lessons of Divine Evil. It is true that to gain something, you have to lose something in process. These contrasting ideas balance everything, enable the notion of comparison, and introduce the essence of competition. Qualities which all of us need. These things are never directly taught, only subconsciously developed and absorbed as a secondary way of learning in the shadow of academics. We unknowingly pick up these skills, but there are some who miss out, and it is not their fault. We cannot blame them. But to identify your weaknesses, and then work to overcome them, is perhaps something that needs to be directly told and inked to our minds. Sometimes we're just naturally better at some things and less at others. We just have to reinforce our strengths, and mitigate our weaknesses. Our ultimate goal is to learn.

And thus that might have not been a newfound weakness at all; my weakness, as it has been all along, is being unable to accept failure. And this is just the first time I have in this aspect.

But as soon I have accepted it, it doesn't feel so bad after all.
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