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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Keeping Sensible

Perhaps I was really overthinking everything before. Though I haven't seen you for 16 days now, other than a few glimpses, you seem to have taken it in your stride and put everything behind. But that's all I can infer virtually. I haven't seen you in person expressing this conversation and somehow I desperately require that confirmation. I guess you're giving me a second chance to get off the wrong path and I have to graciously accept. I might be stepping on the line at times and I do hope that doesn't make you think about the wrong way about me. We seem to accept each other's characters more and more gradually...or so I hope you do of me as much as I, of you.

For the greatest fear is one of uncertainty; that I would annoy you too much. And when you do get tired of everything then it might truly be over. I'm still stuck whether to put this down totally...and in your own goodwill you're not giving me a clear signal. Undoubtedly it's not your fault, but this situation is just too complex for a beginner like me. The hope is there, and where there is hope, there is an opportunity...but will you detest me for still clinging on to this? Again, I have to be patient. I cannot rush everything...it has only been 16 days, definitely not enough for you to change that abruptly. I will be as I always was...except that now I will be nurturing our proximity. And through these experiences...perhaps, on the way, I will learn and come to realise the true intentions of everyone.

Until then, I will have to suppress my desire and pain...a mix that isn't healthy to my true intended goal. And I hope it won't affect yours too.

Nothing out of the ordinary will happen today. I shall reap the rewards of patience.
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