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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Of Trees and Isolation

The weather is turning bad lately. Usually I won't do posts on events but okay, this might be a bit out of the normal to actually irk my interest a little.

The strength of winds walloping our tiny country has been increasing over the years. I admit, I've been unwilling to accept this fact. Throughout these years, the winds have increased their ability from breaking tree branches to uprooting whole trees. In fact, the winds fell at least four trees on one single stretch of road (and a main road at that) on Friday, completely causing chaos to traffic and one tree actually blocked all four lanes of both directions. It was an interesting scene to watch, though, as people were frantically attempting to saw apart the fallen branches blocking the road. However it didn't really help that I had to behold the scene from a packed bus which had me standing for over an hour and a half carrying my really full bag on the verge of exploding.

Another event was that of meeting my secondary school friends after probably about four years not seeing each other. There is a different feeling I can feel when I'm with them, that of 'the JC feeling'. Except that I'm inferior and pretty out of the loop. I don't know if I'm getting the vibe of their professionalism or confidence, but I feel that they are the people with reliable futures...while I am still pondering over my own.

Ah oh well. This is for my own reference anyway. I'm still going to play piano, though for the number of years I've been playing I should have been better. Well I think it doesn't matter, as long as I still try to improve.

Sometimes the most primitive of thinkings prevail through obliviousness.
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