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Monday, January 11, 2010

Another year, but a different one.

It has to be. Since familiarising myself with the NS environment, and due to the fact that I am in the 'slacker' second year of my NS life, I am going to attempt to learn all those things I wanted, and in some cases, needed to. Catching up three (or four) wasted years isn't that easy, and salvaging the separated pieces of them and piecing them together again should be the main target of this year.

First I must re-establish my last year goals.

-Compose at least one piece for piano
-Compose at least one piece for band/orchestra
-Learn to drive
-Obtain Piano ATCL diploma
-Perfect La Campenlla

These are the priorities that I hope to accomplish first. Then there are those that are neither here nor there, but fit in there somewhere:

-Learn to play Electric Bass
-Compose one contemporary rock/pop song
-Re-take 'A' Levels

Now I know that crossing musical genres is pretty controversial and, as much as I know, unexplored. I don't know how it would turn out, but it would probably not appeal to both sides (the pop side and classical side). However, in the end, it is my interest. Being brought up through the classical side, I have some music basics which will help me through here.

But time is running out for me now. I will see if I am able to fit all this into a sensible schedule and until then, we shall see if I fail yet again.

For failure is better than being idle.
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