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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Divided Stance

Yes, my room is getting divided into half.

Honestly, only half was mine in the first place, since the other half belonged to my sister, but she stays in the guest room, which is about twice the size of my room, and she sleeps on a queen-sized bed by herself. But it didn't matter much to me anyway, except now there is a partition.

In order for the construction to commence we had to unearth all the trash that has accumulated in the room for about 10 years. They ranged from many soft toys that I have never seen before to primary four exercise books. Since most of them are useless to me now, we either disposed of them or gave them to other people. Except my Legos. Don't touch my Legos, even though I no longer touch them. Of course, some things are kept for memory purposes. Like those maps that I drew, the exercise books that were used for my pen-and-paper RPG, EViL Encounter. I would have continued had not my brain juices were sucked dry by LS during his 'exploits' in EE3 and EE4.

Talking about RPGs, there hasn't been a decent one for...months now. No longer do we have those that have a deep storyline and intricate levelling system. No longer do we have those enjoyable multiplayer adventures. Now everything is about graphics, graphics. Too over-emphasized. Even the great great graphics now bore me when I try to pick up a game on say, the PS3. I'd take any PS2 game over it anyday. Being too elaborate on visualisation removes the space for development on what a game is supposed to provide. Fun and enjoyment. Not awe. In those days, I had always wanted a PS1, or a PS2. Now I don't think I'd even take a PS3 if you gave it to me free (unless I could sell it off immediately). My neighbour used to spend their days endlessly on PS1 and PS2 instead of the computer. Now their Wii and Xbox360 gather dust. And I can see why. I tried playing some games on them, which bored the hell out of me. What happened to the old concepts? As a series or franchise tries to revive its popularity over time, it degrades. I don't know why. We shall all take the infamous Crash Team Racing as an example. An excellent game for the PS1. Multiplayer compatibility. Decent graphics and addictive music. So what happened to their sequels? I don't know, though I have not played CNK but reviews are generally quite poor. CTTR was a nightmare and I couldn't wait to put it down. Is it that hard to think what gamers want to play and provide them with that? Azure dreams is a great PS1 game, though largely unknown by many. However, its simple concept has not been reproduced anywhere, ever (though a fail NDS sequel exists). It is a game now, that I still in this day and time play once every year or so, complete it, get sick of it, and return to start a new file next year.

But I guess this form of entertainment develops. It is progressing into a more visual-based project for some, and I don't think that's the way to go. Though a necessity, developing on that is probably going to waste effort more than anything. Perhaps in the future a new form of entertainment appears which will absorb our interests fully into its attention. But until then, I guess I'm returning to what it was.

And so, divided I rest.
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