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Monday, December 14, 2009

Anniversary of my Existence.

I feel like I should actually type something meaningful here, on the anniversary of my existence, but once again my ideas have run dry. All I know is the end of the year is arriving and though I have changed slightly throughout, I don't think there is any clear-cut gains in my abilities with regards with my age no longer starting with the digit 1.

It will be the next 10 years, which would probably be the most eventful, and after that would just be what a boring adult's life would be. Everyone knows that usually the peak of somebody's life is at their twenties. However, don't use this against people. Thinking that all 20 year olds, with their godly long period of time of knowledge and experience, and asking them to do everything is apparently incorrect. Not all so-called 'grown-ups' have the thinking you traditional upper-generations have. And don't get me started on kids nowadays.

So, what is wrong with all these people? Usually, in real life, the people that are close to me that I meet are generally good-natured, and not particularly out of their minds. However, through the apparent anonymousity that the Internet provides, people can be totally out of their way showing disrepect to others. Incessant insulting, sarcasm and cockiness amount to tensions over the Internet that cannot be solved because in reality, the people cannot even see each other. They cannot lodge a complaint because they don't even know who you are. But for the older generation know-it-alls, they can take a step further, into the real life. They can throw sarcastic comments at you, using body language to show disgust or disrespect, or even deliberately manipulate their tone of voice to irritate us, to show that since they are older, they automatically gain knowledge with time, and can show off their 'cleverness' in the face of us. When we disagree with you, we obviously have our reasons, not like what you think of us all the time, deliberately countering what you tell us. Do you think we really have so much time to elaborately plan and execute methods to irritate your oversized conscience? The answer is no, so stop your wishful thinkings and actually respect our ideas. Mark my words, I have had this type of feeling before, automatically marking somebody younger or less experienced than me as one not worth respecting. But I don't directly or even inadvertently disrespect these people. Their ideas can be surprisingly successful, only if you give them a chance in the first place. But seldom do they get a chance. All because the overconfidence and mindset of the 'elders'.

So before you criticize me, think about those people you detest. Are they worth hating? What are the reasons for doing so? Seldom has a person persistently annoyed me to no end with malicious intent. And even if they do, think what caused this intent. If it started with yourself, you have only yourself to blame. Another EViL aspect of humans that has risen with the process of time.

There is no limit for respect.
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