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Friday, November 13, 2009

An Event.

Today was another boring day, another out-of-camp park run for our unit, like we sometimes do on Fridays. Minus the fact that we apparently saw a corpse.

It was nothing shocking, really. The day for us started at 0415, due to the fact we had to prepare for the run which was in Pasir Ris Park, and so far away from our camp. When we reached there it was about 0600 and us being the unfit or 'disabled' were to be marshallers spread throughout the running route. We set off, first towards the mangrove swamp, which was pitch-black due to the absence of lights there. Not to mention we were pushing a trolley filled with bulky items through the darkness, trying to prevent the edge of the table on the trolley from rebounding off the handrails. When we were through to the other side, all of the rest were deployed except for the two of us, excluding the sergeant deploying us (who was on a bicycle). This was when an old guy on a bicycle cycled towards us and told the sergeant that somebody had apprently hanged himself deeper in the park on the path perpendicular to the one we were travelling on. The sergeant followed him and when he returned, he had a call and was told that the route of the run was being changed due to rain. In the end, the deployed people were regrouped, and we still had to walk by the path at which the person was hanged to our new destination.

It was not as you would expect a person to hang himself. Leaning against a tree near the side of the path, a person, probably in his 40s, immobile. I didn't take a closer look because you probably wouldn't want to take a closer look in that situation. But you'd expect a person hanging himself to be dangling. In fact, to me, in that one glance that I captured the scene, he looked strangely unreal. I heard from the others who were there that his hands were tied as well, held behind his back. Also, until somebody mentioned it, I didn't notice that it was Friday the thirteenth.

From there the day continued normally. I quickly forgot about that incident after stoning around watching people run by for about three hours. We didn't return to that spot, so we did not see what the police did there.

I would have thought the impression on this incident was decent, but I already seem to be forgetting this small spark of interest in a mundane routine of work. Perhaps the interest in me to these type of events are minute at most. Still, it's worth typing here in a 'event' post rather than a 'thoughts/opinion' post.

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