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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

New Adaptations

So I've got a new keyboard to bring into camp so that I can practice on it even on weekdays. Well, more than a keyboard. It's a synthesizer. I'm not sure how to use the synthesizer functions so I guess I'm going to take some lessons on how to use them. On the other hand I can teach piano basics to peeps in camp (hopefully).

However the arrival of the synthesizer was marred by some crappiness. First the screen was malfunctioning. At first, half of the screen on the synthesizer was slashed by numerous vertical lines. After a while the whole screen went blank. Then it happened that they sent the wrong cover for the keyboard, as it was too small. Not to mention I feel kind of ripped off by the keyboard stand, which cost a lot despite it being two large bars of steel.

Hopefully all this dedication results in an improvement in my vision to do anything, as now I'm still wandering about without a real aim when my national service ends. It's still a tough decision to make...and it seems that the things that worry me at work are now far far away...though I will come to face the reality again starting next week. It will be quite some time again before I revert back to the lifeless being; the embodiment of oblivion...

And if it doesn't work, my commitments are all for nothing.

And I will have disappointed even myself.
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