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Friday, June 26, 2009

I forgot.

I think, I had some interesting facts to share in the past two weeks, but those have already lay dead and forgotten. The only thing I look forward to now is a one-week break next week. Yes, something definitely happened. Perhaps it was too mundane to attempt to discuss it in a blog because I have a feeling now it won't fit. But nothing much is according to plan anyway.

It's probably the time that I don't have in the weekdays. It's pretty hectic now even when there isn't a lot of work to be done. Honestly, I'm liking this managing stores business, only if I had a better environment. It'd be something that I would spend my life on, with not many major troubles that can't be handled...idling what could have been away.

It's surprising my father actually improved our internet connection when the devices supposedly to use them are still old chunks of metal. It has really become scrap metal now, as the desktop can't even be switched on. Hope we will get something that won't bust out our brains when we are trying to check emails soon.

As for now, I'll wait for the last Monday before my break, then maybe I'll elaborate more. Not to mention the anniversary of EViL is arriving.
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