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Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Now that examinations are finally over, albeit with some guilty aftereffects, one would expect the time to be less constrained on our schedules. Unfortunately, due to my enlistment date next Monday, my time is limited yet again. However, this time, it gives me much less to worry about.

It doesn't help that much of the past week was spent painting the house. My father always prefers to do these things by ourselves, including fixing the computer, fixing other electrical appliances, fixing doors and stuff...he would never hire somebody to do it if he could do it himself.

There is nothing much to painting, really, except that I was relieved that I didn't have to paint the ceiling. My father was complaining about neck pains after a few days. Also was the irritating fact that the previous layer kept peeling off if you didn't scrape it.

My few weeks break was otherwise littered with attempts to program something, which I successfully did in small scale. I also woke up very late every morning, uncharacteristic of my old self. Perhaps I found the irritants of my laptop becoming more intolerable, as somehow I didn't touch it for a week.

Oh and our Graduation Dinner was on the second of December, and the events which transpired very much followed what I expected it to, except that I didn't play bridge. I wore nearly the same as I did at my cousin's wedding last year, except that I had an additional blazer this time, actually acquired during that event in question from my uncle.

So this would probably be my last post before I get enlisted. I'm still hoping my piano skills won't die on me, as I hope to take my diploma as soon as possible, if time permits. Very likely, it won't. Anyway, I need to change my playing style. I have found my own weakness which has been developing and thus restricting some of my finger's movements. Also, I still have flat fingers sometimes...

And with another monotonous note, I end another year. Not yet, really. But I actually want to stay in this time period for a longer time. Hopefully, luck can pull me out of this one again.

But even that can abandon your cause.
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