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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wandering Thoughts

The power of DiViNE EViL has consumed me, in full form.

I will absolutely not pass mathematics in the preliminary examinations, and after studying my sciences, I'm still rather unsure of them. I have withdrawn myself but in a way that is not beneficial.

After all these years...I am still unable to stablilise myself. The force that pulls me away is somehow very great. I do not understand; by the time I do, I fear it will be too late.

Anger has driven the family around too. Anomalies are beginning to sprout out of people in the most curious manner. However, I am quite oblivious to these. I am locked in my own battle, and neither do I know why I am actually posting this up on a blog. It tells of my despair I do not reveal.

It will subside, and be over in two months' time, but how I make it over will be the key which allows me power into the respective door of choice. Oh how the stupidity of this world to decide everything on a set of results.

It is after all, dominated by human beings...
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