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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dangged M*********

They annoy me. They irritate me. They drain my blood. Because of them, I can't study or sleep properly. Is them, Dangged Mosquitoes.

Due to the wet weather during the past few weeks, mosquitoes have started to roam again. And my location on being on the first floor means that they do not have to fly higher to find food. Granted, one of the uses of my father being around is that the mosquitoes will go for him first, but since he has to work in the mornings and afternoons, I have become the target of those tiny irritants.

Aside from that, my progress has still been quite slow. I will need more practice with the physics questions. And with physics teachers (includes my father) going a whole big round of explaining concepts and linkages to other topics when you ask them a single question, putting more effort to read the notes again saves more time.

I spent a little time on YouTube looking for somebody playing La Campanella and chanced upon Adam Gyorgy. Imba (Link Here). It gives me the spirit to practise even harder...even though I do not have the time to. Just this afternoon during my afternoon nap I dreamt about an original piano piece performed at a play. Sadly (and expectedly) I forgot the tune about ten minutes after waking up.

Alright now, I think the mosquitoes have left my studying post. Time to head back.
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