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Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Now this is highly awkward. On Sunday morning I woke up, feeling normal, until i felt the world around me spinning. I opened my eyes and the room was moving back and forth. It made me nauseated, so I went back to sleep since it was still early. More curiously, I could only sleep with my head facing the right side of my bed, otherwise, eyes open or not, I would still feel sick.

Feeling highly unusual, I went back to sleep and hoped that it was just temporary.

Oh how the horribleness of this crap was going to plague me for over 48 hours...I spent the whole of Sunday on my bed, eating only a piece of bread and drinking half a glass of water. Oh and I guess I puked four times in the process, and was so dry that I only pee'd once. The most annoying thing was that I felt alright when I was not subject to the dizziness. I did not have fever or what other ill symptoms. I just felt sick when I sat up because my head would literally view everything around it spinning, whether I opened my eyes or not. So I ended up sleeping for the whole day in one position that did not make me feel sick. I slept so long that my right ear hurt.

The next day I went to a clinic, and though I felt better I still couldn't walk straight all that well. So I walked with my head tilted to the right. The doctor suspected that it was some inner ear infection that disrupted the balance between the two sides of my head. Well I don't know where I would have got this weird virus but I was willing to get rid of it.

An injection and six tablets later, I still do not feel fully recovered. Although I can focus upon a spot better now, moving my head will still give me a weird floating vibe. Screw this. I can't even read comfortably. In fact, I can't do ANYTHING comfortably. Including sleeping.

Is this a coincidence with the third anniversary of DiViNE EViL? Perhaps. The power is so great now, it is unpredictable. Free me from this misery.
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