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Monday, July 28, 2008

Permanent Restrainment

So here goes. Every single day in school from 0730 to 2100. Might not even be productive. But that's for control. Not just confined to the school, but to the library, having to leave a record for even attempting to depart from the glass doors of the Window (ironic).

And I woke up this morning discovering a hint of purpleness under my eyes. I have not been getting enough sleep, and I will not get that in the near future either. This desperate acceleration for academic benefits has already taken its toll. I do, however, feel the physical enlightenment of progression. I do actually feel that I am moving forward. In the correct direction.

The cost will be my efficiency. However, I somehow do not feel all that depressed, unlike how I was during the preparation for 'O' levels. Perhaps the time of DiViNE EViL has not arrived yet. The disaster has been predicted. All the preparations are now, at least, set. It is time to brace for the event, which will feel as if it lasts twice as long than it actually is. And during that time the pain will have to be endured to carry on, or otherwise succumb, collapse, and fall as another generic victim to a thunderous force. However, after it has passed, we will grieve, for not actually being more prepared than we could to the fullest extent. It will be a cycle; a mistake that we will remember forever, but not learn from.

And that is how the power of DiViNE EViL can dissolute the weak, despicable human beings that actually dominate the Earth.
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