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Thursday, July 24, 2008


I have realised that a key point in academic strengthening requires social isolation. I am unable to study with more than two people at the same time, even though they might be able to help me with my work. There is simply too much distraction. For a person inadept in multitasking like me, concentration is the only thing I have to rely on, and that weakness to it is distraction.

It will be quite emotionally unsettling. For those really outgoing people who receive and send over a hundred phone messages per day, it is nearly impossible for them to isolate themselves and study. The phone will ring. And it would be in the person's conscience to be rude not to reply. And so somebody who has a high profile is unable to study more effectively.

Fortunately, I have a suitable number of friends that do not bug me much. I rarely receive phone calls at home, unlike my sister, and I am using a top-up phone card which sees me use fifteen dollars in approximately three months. Some people may be able to study in groups, but I have discovered my effectiveness will increase when I am alone. That effectiveness stays approximately the same with two people, and will subsequently spiral down to about 5% in a group of ten. Maybe I can make my own law of academic effectiveness haha. But of course, this may not apply to some people. But so far it seems that most follow this trend.

Therefore, when I have to study in school every night until who knows when, I will have to find a spot to study. I would actually doubt that. There will be too much noise around, echoing about the chamber of the canteen. Nevertheless, since I have been forced into a spot like this, I will have to deal with it.

For it is the inevitable sacrifice that will have to be made.
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