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Sunday, July 20, 2008


I will probably spend 1/10 of the time I usually did on the computer, which is what I did for the last 6 or so days. In fact, I had spent none in four of them, and less than one hour for another. I have probably nothing else to do with the computer for now anyway. Therefore I will probably be committing all that time to studying. I will most probably only make another post in September.

To report the progress. The crux of the battle. The force backing the power of DiViNE EViL...I feel strangely isolated now. I could not sleep well for approximately three days in a row. And I feel that my control of English is slowly but steadily deteroriating. I have been encountering difficulties in attempting to construct fluent sentences that express exactly how I feel. I had less of these problems in the past, but now they haunt me occasionally when I'm creating a sentence. There. Another hesisitation when I was typing, to fit the sentence structure in the way I wanted it to be expressed.

That was highly disturbing to myself. Not that I hoped that it would last. I had moved my study area away from the study room (ironically) into my bedroom, away from the piano, computer and my sister (with effect of distraction in that order). Believe me her phone calls are enough to drive me crazy sometimes. It's not her, actually. It's sometimes her consoling the stupidity and naievity of her friends, similar to what I do in a smaller scale, because I don't know people who take stupidity and naievity to that level. Even that Daniel vs Tay Yi thing was miniscule compared in annoyance to this. And she is caught within the confusion that drive their phone calls. Which can last up to three hours of verbal nonsense.

Anyway, by placing myself in a different study area that is not totally foreign, there was little to distract me. Except, ironically, books. I went and read an old thesaurus I found there for more than an hour the other day, but that was at least beneficial. Except that my poor memory makes it 50% efficient.

Fortunately, I had recovered totally from that vertigo crap, six days after it plagued me with a week I didn't want to remember. Now I am able to look more straight...

So, even if I might have lots of things to report, as I usually do but forget them, I might even be too lazy to switch on the computer and type anything. I will have to settle in to studying. It's the time for the engine to start running.

And it won't stop until the end is over.
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