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Sunday, June 15, 2008


I think I've had it.

I do not have the passion for academics. I do not have the passion for art. I do not have the passion for technology or computers. There is one and only one, or the branches and tributarites that arise from it: Music.

Study music? Maybe. Compose to a scene? More likely. Use technology to make music? I'd like that to happen. But a career on music is difficult; it also rarely yields great benefits. Knowing my personality, that is hopefully not a problem.

Get 'A' levels over and done with. Study for it, and never touch differentiation again. Never wanted to touch it in the first place. All the past years in which I have been delusioned into comfort, has made me realise, my one and only trump card, needs to activate.

Concentrate now and propel towards the destination.
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