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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Driving Force

Now that I have gathered some momentum, it seems that I will miss the finish line before my wound-up engine loses energy.

Screw the still-surviving laptop giving me the 'auto-ctrl-key' bug again. Worse, it now returns in virtually every ten seconds! No rest for spamming the ctrl keys to temporarily cure it.

More randomness: the old mouse suddenly died. As in the mouse that used to connect to the laptop. Annoyed me until I again, borrowed another computer accessory from my neighbour...

And when I was just about to type the third paragraph of this post, the laptop suddenly switched the shutdown screen and poof the computer shut itself down in barely three seconds. And that was when I was not even touching the laptop. Not to mention that if I shut it down the normal way it takes approximately ten times longer.

So yes the laptop and the desktop are two pieces of junk that are miraculously still working, and still attempting to be maintained by my father. He is apparently so adamant of getting a new computer, for who knows what reason. Not that I would want one if we had a perfectly fine one, but out of two computers, we do not have a perfectly fine one...

I would be happy with this laptop, if:
1. it could run on batteries.
2. the keyboard can work.
3. it would stop screwing up every mouse/keyboard I plug in.
4. it didn't start lagging after opening three Internet Explorer windows.
5. it didn't overheat in less than an hour.
6. no stupid photogallery thing comes up requiring me to spam 'cancel' everytime I start the computer.
7. I can start the computer normally every time.
8. it didn't shutdown by itself.
9. the auto-ctrl bug didn't plague it.

Ah, looks like I've run out of ideas...but look, the above nine reasons are not just what I'm whining. It's what a normal laptop would be. And somehow I'm coping with it...

Anyway looks like time is running out again. one more week and the examinations begin. Preparedness for each of my three subjects:

Mathematics: 9% (Complex Numbers)
Need to Revise/Learn: Differentiation/Integration/Graphs/Vectors/Statistics(6 or so topics)

Chemistry: 40% (Nitrogen/Periodicity/Atomic Structure)
Need to Revise/Learn: Gaseous State/some parts of Organic/Electrochemistry/Chemical Equilibrium/Energetics/Kinetics

Physics: 35% (Superposition/Measurement/Kinematics/Gravitational Field)
Need to Revise/Learn: Thermal/Forces/Electric Field/AC/Electromagnetism/Quantum

One thing is the whole Tuesday is devoted to Mathematics and I'm sure I will at least treble that 9% of revision there. Now there are no alternatives. It's all out.

Technically, it's all in. In the house, that is. I have been confined to the house almost everyday, because I cannot afford to venture beyond the timewastings of events outside. My hair is too long to be accepted in school, and my back hurts. Yeah it hurts sometimes but it has been consistent for about a week now. I cannot even turn while sleeping without feeling some pain. Usually this is reduced by walking (I think), so I may have to endure this for another week.

Tch, this pain is not bothering me. What is bothering me now is that my momentum for studying is constantly interrupted by petty events that do not even concern me. But why. Why can't I understand what I am studying...and again, I return to the piano to exhaust myself.

In the end, he who suffers to get his work done fails by completing the wrong job.

As Lim Chee Wan would have said, Well Done. *sarcasm*
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