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Monday, May 05, 2008

Reset button not working

After this whirl of a term, I realise that it has not ended yet. Controlled by the mind-bogglers that restrict the transparency that guide us, we have in turn attempted to enjoy ourselves using the most crude methods imaginable. That is the truth of the purpose of Junior Colleges. You do feel stupid, but yet you enjoy yourself and then somehow you succeed. The truth of the unexpected.

Several weeks remain before I go on a trip to Taiwan with the band, then comes the June Holid...Studying Period. Seriously, the time is up. Worse for me, my reset button will not activate until the end of May when I return. Until then, I will hope the reset button wipes out all the uncertainties I have encountered.

The distractions of a computer...even with such a suck-brains computer like this keyboardless laptop (my neighbour finally lent me a working one), it manages to withstand the pressure I apply on it (not for long, I guess). Work or play, it still irritates me somehow, but getting used to this exposes me to tackle extremely awkward situations that somehow work (Like resetting my desktop over twenty times in a certain order).

Reset is what I need to do. Not what I do every morning, per se, when my emotions reset. It is a double-edged sword, I guess. However, the evolution of my character weans this resetting ritual eventually, which has seen me become more...lazy.

Or it feels more infused with the power of DiViNE EViL.
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