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Sunday, May 11, 2008


Extremely Peculiar...

Last night (or in fact, this early morning), there was a storm, and strong winds, stronger than I have ever experienced. I woke up to close the windows, but I was told by my family that there was also an extremely loud sound of thunder. Somehow, I did not hear that, as usually I would. Instead, I went back to sleep and had a pretty clear dream. A dream that I have experienced in a long time.

I do not know how it started, but I ended up being on the top of an extremely tall building. I was feeling slightly dizzy (or just mentally retarded), and I had a sniper rifle. Using that rifle, I aimed to the ground and shot a one-year-old (don't ask me how I knew), another person and a dog (I guess).

I was then caught and brought for trial. Instead, I just plead guilty without any other explaination. Apparently some people were surprised but I was adamant.

Curiously, I was given a jail sentence of three years. The jail looked more like a camp to me, and there was a road behind that one could easily jump to. However that road did not really lead to anywhere so there was no point anyway.

There I survived like normal, as if in a trance. I received news from school hearing that my classmates can't play Bridge without my cards (...) and something else I could not remember.

Naturally, I would go looking for a piano. I did find a piano, and an awkward one at that. This piano had a right angle to it where one side was a standard keyboard while the other side had just two octaves. Somebody was playing on the standard keyboard so I sat on the right angle and attempted to play the two-octave keyboard. Naturally I could not play anything with such a small range, so I waited. As the other person left, I went over to the other keyboard, and did I play or not? I could not remember. After that, it was fairly blur and I think I woke up.

*/End Dream*

Still, it felt strong and much more than I can remember of many other dreams. It
gave me an awkward feeling too. The most curious thing was that it was a dream I fairly enjoyed, and with a sustainable duration. I should mention I have never intended to hurt any human individual.

Other than that, Slacking Sunday is as usual, but the topics are coming in order. At least the only subject in which I have totally no idea what is going on is mathematics, as it always has been. However, I can imagine something now...

Inside my head, I think insanity is starting to set in.
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