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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Losing Control

Losing control of my control buttons of my keyboards, that is.

Fortunately, I know when they are going crazy as there is a function with the mouse button that lets you find the position of the cursor by pressing 'ctrl' and a huge circle will close in onto that point. So sometimes, when I am using this poor excuse of a laptop, it goes crazy and auto-holds the control key. Then I see mass circles closing in the cursor, and spam my 4 control and alternate keys (on two keyboards) to cure this annoying thing.

In my experience, having control key held down is the one of the most horrible thing syou can actually experience. First, you can't scroll with your mouse. Instead, it increases or decreases text size. Next, you can't minimize or maximize windows normally. Instead, you have to right click and manually click 'restore' or 'minimize'. Or even worse, when I start up the laptop and the ctrl-syndrome is automatically applied, pressing the 'C' key yields a 'you can't copy text from a password field' message.

There are some funny things that happen too, like just a few moments ago, when the ctrl-syndrome appeared and I started spamming the 8 keys. I pressed ctrl a few more times, and the computer shut down. W T F.

For that previous dream, another unrelated one followed in the next night which involved Collin screwing up time-retardation, but that is quite unimportant. I have returned to dreamless mode.

Uh. I think I don't feel like typing anymore.
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