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Saturday, May 03, 2008


Apparently 30 minutes is all I need to understand something out of Mathematical Induction when I was screaming for help for two weeks.

Oh and on the first of May the band went to the Istana to perform some pieces. Fortunately we didn't melt, as the shade helped us. Since last week the weather has been scorching hot and humid. It was so bad that I can feel the heat before the sun rises at nearly seven in the morning. Then there will not be a single cloud in the sky...unlike earlier in the year, when the mornings were sunny and the evenings experienced showers or thunderstorms.

The weather hurts my head badly. It gives me some dizzy spells occasionally where I stone into space, staring into the void of Nevilinity.

Well, perhaps not that bad. For now, competitions and co-curriculum activities have ruled over the whole term. Everybody is busy and the good thing is that tests are kept to a minimum. Everybody is in a slack-ish mood...

Not until three weeks later when they realise they have no knowledge on how to do over sixty topics spanning four subjects. For me, I'm only confident on perhaps ten of those topics. Whoa, this has got me worrying.

So now, the thing that keeps me going...is the fact that I can succeed with the help of others. Yeah you've got that right.
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