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Sunday, April 27, 2008

No Solo

Apparently I have realised I cannot do everything alone. Studying alone may be helpful but I'm so stuck that I'm more stuck than a sticker. Somehow parts of my notes are blank, and I'm totally clueless on anything related to mathematics that I haven't any consultation in. Yes I will be seriously needing some soon.

Not to mention the amount of band practices has increased to a stressful level. Due to the fact that we have a performance next week, which I screwed up with my secondary school the previous time I visited the Istana for a performance. Then there's the Taiwan trip that requires me to know my blood type, which apparently is not mentioned in my health booklet, birth certificate...nothing. Furthermore I have never been told about this. Well, obviously my blood type is human. Riiiight..?

The only redeeming fact of this weekend is that I have been practicing my Fugue for many times and for no apparent reason. I was doing my tutorials when, bam, I went to play the fugue twice. I was watching that eyesore soccer match of Chelsea and Manchester United last night and, bam, I went to play the prelude and fugue. This morning I woke up and felt like playing the fugue so I did. Well, I hope there has been improvement. A fugue is so fugueing difficult to learn (I just typed 'lurn', which...sounds like leetspeak to me).

Oh, and my neighbour gave me his old USB keyboard so now I FINALLY have a keyboard with ALL the keys working! Apparently he did so because he bought a new Razer keyboard, mouse and pad set...

So it seems...like I require some dependancy on others. Don't leave me behind now.
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