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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Idling again

Idling away again, waiting for the hammer of doom to fall upon myself and smash me into the realm of EViL, is just not cutting it. This is where I start to fall behind real bad. I'm suddenly three topics off Mathematics Physics and Chemistry. How is it that they spent so much friggin time on Complex Numbers that I can do extra questions but four lectures is all it takes for two and a half topics to blast past the speed that I can cope with. It is as if the teachers and lecturers were playing with us. What the chemistry lecturer said (something along those lines): "This topic is very very very very difficult so if you don't listen I'm going to go faster". Ohh so in the end, you get some satisfaction in punishing us, and we suffer. Suffer for eternity and there you all teachers down there say "it's your own fault, I still get my pay" crap.

And they still say PJC have the most caring teachers? I can't think of some of the EViLness that some teachers possess in treating students, perhaps in other schools. One who is caring will have the passion to teach. They will go all out for effort and attempt to mingle with their students. Oh I've seen some of these teachers before. They deal with those who are unwilling to learn in a harsh manner, but in the end they show respect. The joy in teaching is now difficult to achieve, but for those who want to help they are easily the most recognized teachers in the school.

So my table is a mess and worksheets are missing.
Notes are strewn around and tissueboxes stacking.
Laggy computer with a USB keyboard.
Got things to do but I still get bored.
Dustbin a-flowing over with crumpled tissues.
Time magazines lying around, last year's issues.
Lizards crawling over behind the files.
Last year's papers mixed up in piles.
Yet in between everything, there is a gap.
And I'm in the middle of all this crap.

Probably Wen Pu will criticize this since I have almost no English Literature background, but heck I spent 10 minutes on this. So I need a more conducive environment to study so that I don't get discouraged in this mess. Not to mention, sitting on the other side is one extremely noisy sister.

Oddly, I feel like studying now. Panic is starting to set in. Nine topics. Now.
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