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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Evening sets in

Let us forget about examinations yet again. Though I acquired no 'ungraded' grade, it is still nothing to be proud of. Even with the fact that I had somehow fared better than many people, the guilt set in has driven my mugging sense somewhat.

Sunday was fairly eventful, with a half-failed class outing where some six or seven of us guys got abandoned by the girls because of the 'low outcome'. Nevertheless we stilled exhaused ourselves by cycling at East Coast Park (Alan would have gone to Changi had I not stopped him). I attended a Queen musical (not by the actual members of Queen) that night, which was enjoyable, but gave me some headaches since I was quite near to those speakers.

Headaches I had the next day which saw me excuse myself from school. Another note, my mathematics consultation has ended, presumably because I passed my mathematics. However, this common test only tested us on a condensed syllabus. Not to mention even I did not feel that the 'examination' was difficult. Topics like Differential Equations are mistier than fog in my memory. Oh and Wen Pu had 8 for his mathematics. 8 out of the maximum 100, of course. I would perhaps scan and upload his paper here sooner or later. Oh, and 8 is a great achievement for him, considering he improved compared to the previous examination that he attended by over 100 percent.

Incidentally, I forgot the main reason why I wanted to post here now. All I know is somehow I feel real busy. Like, it's April now. Another two months, perhaps, to an even bigger and more important examination.

Perhaps I am just starting to feel the effect now...
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