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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wet Days

Yesterday sure was hectic. Not that the wet weather helped at all.

Diary-type post:

I had to follow some schedule from 1530 hours onwards, to be sure I arrived at two locations at the correct times. Fortunately, the weather was relatively kind to me. Considering that it was raining in the afternoons for nearly the whole week, cycling to school would otherwise be a good idea. Just before I set off, it was raining heavily. However, when I exited my house, it stopped. So I took the chance and took my bicycle (my father's actually) and cycled to school.

Unfortunately, the ground was still quite wet, and it was still drizzling slightly. Unknown to me the water from the back wheel, due to great velocity (and circular motion involving centripetal force blah blah), would splash up all the way up to the seat, meaning to say, my bottom. So when I felt my bottom was wet obviously something was not right if I weren't the source of this wetness. Moreover, my white shirt which was covering my back got laden with not only sweat, rain, and mud, but gravel. WTF gravel!? So the source had to be the road, travelled via the wheel, then onto me.

I reached school for band practice and when I entered the room and closed the door the rain outside suddenly got heavier x5. Must be a wanton(1000kg cloud) over our heads (pardon Tay Yi style lameness). I had to leave by 1730, which was earlier than the band practice ended, but it was still raining then, albeit to a lesser extent. Since I sat closest to the door, whenever it looked like it had stopped raining, I rushed outside to check on the condition. Finally at about 1745, I just left. (Actually I did more than that but importance is minimal here)

So I cycled home and this time I did not care about the mud or gravel as I was going to go home and take a shower anyway. In the end when I took off my shirt the back of it was riddled with pale brown and grey spots. Without looking at it any longer I went to take a shower.

I then proceeded to take two buses to NUS(YST CoM) for a quartet concert. When I left the house, it was not raining, but it was when the bus reached near the PIE exit of Upper Bt. Timah Rd. I had to transfer to a sv.151 bus, which made me wait for over twenty minutes.

Again, somehow, when I reached my destination it was not raining. So I went to the concert. Actually not, as I was supposed to wait for Shi En who told me about this concert first, but she was late (tempted to laugh here). While waiting I saw my secondary school chemistry teacher Mr. Wang who said he was surprised that he could remember my name. I actually agreed with him too, condsidering the little impact I used to give in school. I waited for Shi En for half an hour after the concert started, in which the quartet already finished 4 movements of a piece (I stood outside and watched that 'television' there). In the end she arrived and we were still allowed in.

Afterwhich, I went home and fortunately, it was not raining. I went to read some Atomic Structure notes and went to sleep. Another day gone...and next week is the common test. I guess I require no more reminding.

It is raining again...
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