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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Persuasion by Force

How would a General Paper passage haunt me. In those dreams that I ever had, I would never have thought they would like to the real world. In those thoughts that I ever had, nearly none of them have really turn out as expected. They say I have no dreams, jaded by the comfort of my modern life. Oh, how I thought I had too many dreams until deemed many of them unrealistic, in my current situation. Where what is my future is to be restricted.

Now that passage, other than making me use one of those vocabulary words ('jaded'), rings true of what I actually not agreed with. As it explicitly stated in the first paragraph, the security in this modern age can virtually be bypassed by anything. Even what I'm typing right here right now, though no normal person will be bothered to see what I'm doing, there are always people interested to know. Defending of yourself from others prying into your life obviously needs some skills of deceiving. And deceiving skills I have developed over the years, (it is easier to express via typing) using them to gain money, time, and prevent oneself from entering a potentially fruitless event. But they can be exposed as easily as they were concealed, if there were some people who really bothered.

I can stand the jeers of defeat and defamation. The exposure to the power of DiViNE EViL has, after all, made me less human. There is still something I can't really stand though - sarcasm. Seriously, sarcastic people can't get their points across properly. Sarcastic people want to hide what they actually mean, and ask you to find it out for yourself. Unfortunately, being a person of a certain lame degree, sarcasm works on me like insults on Daniel. I will throw it back literally, laugh at me if you want, but you don't get the last laugh.

People want to imply a point across to you? Deny them what they desire. They aim to piss you? Appear nonplussed. Making it too obvious, however, makes yourself look more like a retard, so countering sarcasm takes experience. This aspect is one I have not remotely achieved yet, but I am ready to try.

Persuasion by force - Coercion. Another voculabury question linked to the passage. Elements of DiViNE EViL hidden in the passage? Positive. Use of intimidation to obtain compliance. Coercion can happen by implication. Think before you say 'oh I didn't actually scold you' after some 'coercion' because otherwise what you said would be useless.

Now stop your sarcastic innuendos and your kaleidoscope of insults implied indirectly and realise what others feel. I may not be able to follow my values to the death in being a hypocrite but that doesn't give you the right to follow what is wrong. Realise that.

Don't look back
Don't look back
It's a rip-off
Flick of the wrist and you're dead baby
Blow him a kiss and you're mad
Flick of the wrist - he'll eat your heart out
A dig in the ribs and then a kick in the head
He's taken an arm and taken a leg
All this time honey
Baby you've been had.

That just meant, I politely told you to stfu.
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