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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pain and Saturation

Three(Four if including GP) subjects of examinations have passed. Mathematics, the subject that though I'm not good in, I tried to put more effort into this examination. As usual much of the differentiation/integration questions were...beaten around the bush, let's say. What irked me most was that I had probably overlooked the two Vectors questions that would usually be easy for me.

As for today, Physics to me was better than usual...if I dare to say that. After that my mind was already saturated and I could not stuff much Human Geography into my mind. I also felt the pain of writing continuously for 2 hours. The side of my right hand's fifth finger, which is pressed onto the table when I write, became numb after about an hour and a half. I was unable to write properly as it gave me a numb and bruising feeling (it was purplish too) and it was 'eroded' by the friction, becoming a hard, smooth surface.

After tomorrow's 'test' I will acquire some sleep. After that, it will return to normal. Normal meaning studying as if there is to be a common test next week. That is just the beginning...

September...the month of DiViNE EViL. The pinnacle of suffering has yet to arrive.
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