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Monday, March 17, 2008


And there I was thinking that my keyboard went cranky again, but in reality my phone was just lying on the 'ctrl' button.

I have to type all these things without a 't' and 'y' button (still). I've gotten so used to 'ctrl+V'-ing my letter 't's that even when I use a normal keyboard I automatically reach for 'ctrl+V' when I want to type a 't'. Additionally, the escape button, F1, F4, F6, F9, F11 and F12 buttons don't work. If it wasn't for the fact that this darn keyboard is stuck to the laptop, I wouldn't be using this piece of junk. Not to mention this computer's virtual memory space runs out faster than the time required for my desktop to boot up.

I can't remember exactly my initial purpose for posting, but tomorrow's my mathematics 'common test' a.k.a. EXAMINATION OF DOOM TO THROW YOU BACK TO J1. I cannot go back down anyway, having appealed to be in this Junior College in the first place. Now I still have some sort of grudge to the misnaming of this 'test' but somehow, lately, I have been losing it.

My temper, being held so low for so long, is upwelling like a LOLCAN-volcano (I can't do strikeouts). I fear, for I have adhered to oppose the powers of DiViNE EViL for so long, I will eventually succumb to it. However, I do know I'm not stressed out yet (like when I was before 'O'-levels'), because I remembered my eyelids kept twitching and I was on the verge of insanity after school.

I feel guilty that I do not have total control over myself, and face the repercussions after at the expense of my sanity.

There, I said it.
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