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Monday, February 18, 2008

Time Burn

Suddenly, the time available has been burnt off like a wick (Got that from Chemistry). So I spend some time studying, some time still developing that J.Shauxo story for fun, and more of my time attempting to compose a piece. Take the previous evening, for example. Spending near an hour trying to compose a peaceful piano piece in a minor key, I could not progress past 3 lines. So I decided to base on a theme. First I felt pissed so I attempted to do that (when I'm pissed I feel like smashing the piano) so I put some loud chords in. Then I felt more relaxed and changed the mood. Overall, it resulted in a quite-satisfying first part that had me continiously writing and searching for chords for 7 lines (1 and 2/5 pages). Initially I wanted to resume today, but I ran out of motifs and then I chatted via various mediums which drove me fairly tired.

I'm also quite sure I haven't done one of those tutorials (ah, it's physics), but there isn't much time now, as even blogging may be good for health (har har). Additionally, trying to design a class shirt...I'm not a design guru, I sort of failed in my module. However, I do like it simple. Like this blog. I guess it will stay that way for a long while.

Now I have a headache. Darn.

Edit: When I first tried to post this they gave me a message that my command may be automated and similar to a virus! WTFBBQ? Do I look like a computer to you? Somebody is gonna getta hurt rea-*gets shot*
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