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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Static Chill

The weather has been bad. It has gone colder than usual in the vicinity. Now that the world is in this state it is not surprising that the weather will revolt at any time, anywhere. Record low temperatures, record high temperatures, record rainfall, record heat wave, record snowstorm...have the people awakened from their ignorant slumber...

This has got me sneezing. With that icy feeling lingering in my nose, I use up 1.5 times more tissue paper than usual (on average I use 15-20 sheets a day for nose only). Perhaps I should use a handkerchief, to save the trees...the thick trees...

Not only that, it seems that my academic studies have halted in this chilling barricade. I haven't revised any darn thing this weekend. On the bright side, I have been playing piano normally again. I will have some work to do in the coming holidays...

I will still not type too much, though I have gotten used to using 'Ctrl+V' everytime I type the letter 't'. My father brought an old USB keyboard from his workplace and I thought that would solve the problems, but unfortunately, that keyboard's 'b' and 'n' buttons do not work. However it is not totally useless, so now I put it beside my laptop and since I have letter 't' on copy, whenever I want to type the letter 'y' I just reach out for the keyboard and press that button. Seems more convenient but it is still darn irritating.

reall i wan a new keboard.
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