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Thursday, February 07, 2008


For some reason I now draw a lot on Graphic Calculators (GCs), using those pixels thingy. When we were in secondary school we used to be fascinated with making letters on our calculators, but there were still limitations in the end (I still like how I managed to stumble across getting the letter 'K' on my scientific calculator). Now, using our uber 200-dollar GCs, typing letters become so easy with the whole alphabet available. With a bigger screen, it is possible...to draw.

Many people fiddling around with the GC may have discovered the 'Pen' function which allows them to draw. I used this function solely during my earlier drawings, and was frustrated if I made a mistake and had to modify the picture to hide it because I could not find an 'erase' function. Additionally, to draw another picture, the previous one had to be erased (zooming in or out erases the whole thing). However, on discovering the 'Pt-change' function (on TI-84, [2nd][PGRM][->][3]), I managed to find a function that changes a point (from 'on' to 'off' or 'off' to 'on') with every press of the enter key.

I took about an hour to do this (my secondary school crest!) yesterday, including some improvisation on the chinese words there. Probably uses a lot of battery power as well...

After that I attempted to do a CHIJ crest with reference to my sister's exercise book, but I think it is too difficult for me (find the logo yourself). I may attempt to complete it though, now that I have discovered how to save the pictures.

Otherwise, during this Chinese/Lunar new year, I will need to catch up with my studies...again.
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