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Thursday, February 21, 2008

But Why

People work in mysterious ways...but not everything is so straightforward. In the light of my 2500 word post which nearly destroyed my ailing keyboard, I would have thought you would give yourself another reflection. Let us seriously hope what you show me now is not further concealment of your hate.

But yet again I was disappointed. Yes you have returned to your normal self, but you still do not believe that you can regain our support. You seem to think that your suffering will last until you finally leave the school. Are you not going to ever forgive us again?

This is directed to Daniel again, and hopefully for the last time, after reading his latest post which came after mine. You told me you were uncertain of publishing another post. I hoped you got the point and told you to go over it again. That meant that all information relating to arguments against Tay Yi should end.

Even Tay Yi has already removed all those posts from his blog and replaced them with another one with his usual style about the school. It was not because he chickened out. It was because he saw no point going on with this insanity of an argument.

Yet, though you acknowledge about your apparent weaknesses, you choose to explain and backup what you have done. Once a fool, not always a fool.

What's the difference between bullying in secondary schools and junior colleges? You choose to give yourself some excuse of no basis to say that this kind of bullying cannot be countered.

You invite people to laugh at you again, evident of your misunderstandings. Again you place yourself with no relativity to others. You are not alone in this world. You will, in time, need the help from others. For them to help you, you have to help them. Isolating people altogther isn't good. I do not believe that there is not even one similarity between you and the people you dislike.

Interact more, and know when others like or dislike what you are doing, as they will show telltale signs of dislike. This is for you to analyze and be careful of treading the same path again. When people start voicing out directly at you, you have gone too far. Experience is needed for this, and it is not too late now.

I would hope that you understand. Why would I care so much about you? It is because I treat my friends with respect. I would feel responsible if you were isolated from the class everyday. I have, in the past, been close to those in my class who have been bullied the most. If somebody loses my respect, something is seriously wrong.

But I would like to complement on the way both Daniel and Tay Yi acted today as if nothing had happened. At least Daniel didn't give me that sullen pissed face he did for the whole of yesterday. He cheered up much during the GP lesson. For Tay Yi, he overslept drastically. He only came for the last hour of the day and seemed to forget about the past already.

I do, however, have had enough of these posts. Daniel, please understand, for if you don't, it makes your task tougher. Friends are forever valuable. I wouldn't want to lose you either, in case you become a professional pianist.
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