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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Break Invisibility

So two days ago, during Band Practice, it was revealed that *gasp* we had to perform for the next Orientation batch, for three hours. Three hours? that's nearly twice as long as a standard concert. Not only that, the number of pieces we have ready in our 'repository' is virtually zero. Like, the only 'piece' we suggested was 'Basic Training' is a good indication. At least CHSSB still had 'Chorale 1'. However, we still managed to dig up two pieces to perform. Hope it goes well anyway.

Probably that is what we get for not being prepared. Even Daniel is doing all his assignments now (though he isn't that good at tests) and Zhen Qin stopped playing his WoW. Then all these music motifs come surging into my mind in the wrong moment. I got so overloaded, I went to sleep. Wasn't that effective in my opinion. And all those ideas about that J.Shauxo and his lubok cubes story made me waste the whole Saturday. Question marks may be in your head, but exclaimation marks are in mine.

Therefore, I should continue to do my tutorials. I'm two chapters behind on physics, and one on geography, half in chemistry and half in mathematics. And dang, does everything have to relate to KINNEmATTICKS?? Forget about that now. Suddenly I start to recall those examination scripts my father was marking yesterday...Cross Ventilation and Stack Ventilation...like some people really remember their brains out...

So, without further timewasting, I shall do my physics! Good Evening for now.
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