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Thursday, February 14, 2008


Today is in no way special...at least for me. It can be in no way different from other Thursdays...school is as usual, mathematics consultation as usual, piano lesson as usual...other than the fact some people are out there enjoying themselves and I am sitting at home with my father next to me monitoring me making sure I am doing Complex Numbers. If I carry on typing like this he will surely erupt like a volcano (and never a lolcano), and he will drone on and on and 'scold' me on and on and in the end he would say 'I didn't scold you, you should decide for yourself'.

I would really want to politely tell him to stfu everytime he does that. I am in no way similar to him, and the problem is that, he won't accept that. He thinks as himself as a role model that I should follow otherwise I would fail in life. I would stop typing about him here because, I still have repect for the guy and I would not want to have anything worse to do with him. That's why, I keep quiet everytime he rants, and listen when I feel like it. My ignorance skills are apparently quite l33t.

So before he came in 'monitoring' me, I was like, emoing myself over my secondary school friends' blogs. Reading about their struggle finding a job and coping with NS, which varies greatly within individuals. And I have wondered if I was there too. I should have been, but my mind lags so much, I required one whole year of rotting to remove some verdigris.

Not like that really had any benefit. Common tests, which happen like a few times a year, are arriving soon. Apparently it tests on whatever I've learnt so far. Slightly preposterous if you ask me, but I don't really have an idea what it's really going to be like. But it's a test that is just more than a normal, common one. It is going to test my values.

Of those points that I mentioned in my previous post that I strive to achieve, I perhaps accomplished [half+half=one] of those 'goals'. Ah, the difficulty of actually performing those tasks. But they take time. Extermely soon, before the end of this month, I will accomplish them all. Setting a deadline for myself should be more effective. If this works well, my future may still succeed successfully.

When that's done, the rest follow smoothly after.
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