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Friday, January 25, 2008

More to the eye than the mind

In the light of reading again, the deterioration of all my aspects seems to have slightly halted; my music sense is steadily gaining ground again, I have come to understand music again, and I seem to be getting a hold on some academic topics that I am learning now. Unfortunately, my laptop has been giving me sheer inconvenience. Sometime in the previous week, the 't' and 'y' keys suddenly stopped working. In addition to that some of the top-row keys (like Escape, F1, F4 and F9) are also not working. Add that the number 9 key fell off asa well as the [ key, and the left arrow key not working at all, it is difficult to cope with a keyboard like that.

So now I have two computers, one which starts up in 5 minutes, and the other which requires me to CTRL+V everytime I have to type a letter t. Not to mention that it lags (Low Virtual Memory message pops out) when I open THREE Internet Explorer windows. Yet, I can barely see the time where I get a new computer. I guess half and half makes one.

For some reason, the previous week has sort of struck a kind of revelation to me. It is difficult to describe it, as I have it in my mind but not in words. I have felt that I have a slightly more open nature, though those were the most primitive words I had in my mind. Before I have time to reflect though, the next week of tests will arrive; and this time, there is no next time. That is the truth.

And the power of DiViNE EViL has just barely wafted in.
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