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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Into the Nothingness

It will be a difficult year. For it is about and only about studies, nothing that I am looking forward too. I would have looked forward to some subjects, but constant piling of information is just killing my brain. Yes my brain might be smaller than average but it is more weirdly shaped than usual. Therefore I think of weirder solution to questions...

Anyway my previous posts that I attempted to post in December were mostly interrupted. Then there's the fact that I'm lazy...on the other hand I don't really have that much time using the computer, so prepare for long periods of time whereby this page will not be updated...because I won't be updating. Laziness plus business (busy-ness?) will surely put my mind off my blog.

But I do foresee, the mysterious clouds of DiViNE EViL swirling around in the midst. They will probably attack as early as June, and will last all the way until November. How long will I be able to endure this spell of paranoia. If my mind doesn't break, my studies will.

To hell with examinations.
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