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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Your Time is Up.

Five consecutive days of examinations left. That will determine my destiny.

And although the first two days of these aforementioned examinations are relatively unimportant (in my case), they still add stress!

Ahha so I'm almost giving up on Mathematics totally save for some free-points topics that I should attempt to grasp. The Mathematics department is sooo lazy anyway. So therefore, it will rely on my sciences. Chemistry shouldn't be a problem with some revision, but Physics will need as much luck as it can get. For me that is. And only I will know whether I will survive. 'Till the end of time.

My confidence is like a Sine Graph.

Scrap that. Now my camera can't upload photographs because the cable has rusted. I mean, RadianNewton!?? It's not as if I exposed that cable to a lot of moisture or anything, but still, the metal parts of a cable rusting? These things are SUPPOSED to be like all rustproof now. And so there goes, another phase of monotonousity.

You may wonder why 'Your Time is Up.' Not because it's down, but because we all share the same time in the same world, and yet, I don't have enough. Therefore, all will experience, anxiety.

As I leave, it's Evening.
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