DiViNE EViL DiViNE EViL: Lizards conduct electricity.


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lizards conduct electricity.

Oh and I forgot what was the aim for posting here earlier today...Me and my forgetfulness.

Tay Yi came to my house to study yesterday...and he got all emo about past memories again...well anyway, there were constant power trips going on while we were studying (and emoing), but it didn't affect us much as we were only using the fan. However, I didn't know the cause until that night, when I asked my father about it.

Apparently this lizard went into the box with the wires (some three or four letter acronym standing for some electrical thingy, quoted by my father) and it touched the Earth wire and Neutral wire at the same time (back to secondary school Physics). This caused electricity to flow through the lizard, and since that wirebox thingy detected that the current in the Live and Neutral wires are different (since the current was flowing to the Earth), it stopped the power...

I did not witness the poor lizard but apparently, according to witnesses, it got internally suntanned. Or you know, burnt to a crisp. This is why you should never be between the Earth and Neutrals. You will conduct 'till you die.
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