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Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Dairy Farm you live in, a Dairy Farm you get

Yeah so the place I live in is called the 'Dairy Farm Estate'. They said that this piece of land used to be a dairy farm long ago. Well although there aren't any cows in Dairy Farm now (thankfully), there are still some 'exotic' critters that rarely run around other condominiums.

Yes I understand house lizards/geckoes and cockroaches are usual house pests, but in here there are about 3 times more common. Ants especially, I can differentiate a few species running in my house. But why cockroaches don't really fly even though they have wings? Just when I discovered a cockroach in my toilet yesterday after a whole night studying Geography I sprayed it with the shower and dumped it into the toilet bowl. It was so strong, as many other insects, after getting sprayed full blast from a shower head would just crumple into a corner. Yet this cockroach, and like many of its species, even after getting dumped into the toilet bowl, could still crawl out of it. However, it didn't fly, and that's what resulted in its demise (you can guess what happened).

If ever there were a monster cockroach and it did fly whenever it wanted, it would be a powerful creature...(add that natural radioactivity shield trait and living without a head). I mean, it doesn't really attack people, but it is hard to kill, is resistant to water and nuclear fallout, and too agile to be shot. AND it can fly!

As I'm not making a point there, so I shall guide you (or whoever is the reader and isn't disgusted by SuperRoach) to the other animals in the 'Dairy Farm'...to the rarer creatures. There are lizards here, not those puny house lizards and geckoes that hang on your wall, but the ones that are big and fat, or long until they curl their tails. You can see the characteristic reptile skin (if it stays long enough) and it ranges from brown to yellow to green...and although rarely, they can get into your house. My house to be specific, but of course we wouldn't kill such an unusual specimen (my mother didn't dare touch it anyway). They run frigging fast, except for that big fat one (the pictures got formatted away last time). Well it isn't as bad when lizards get into your house, but what you won't want in your house are...

Monkeys. I guess reports of monkeys are also heard elsewhere, but the back of Dairy Farm faces a 'jungle', where groups of monkeys reside. In some seasons they set off as a large group, ranging from 10 to 30 individual members (and some baby monkeys cling to their parents upside-down) and they cross the road. Yes cross the road. Why did the monkey cross the road? Because it isn't scared of you. Yeah as you know they're bullies, and anything that looks like a human child will be scared off by them. They have also been reported breaking into a house (I would shut those windows if I were the victim). Not amusing at all. I guess it's only amusing when you watch them from a safe distance. Not until they cross the road. Talking about crossing the road, a more popular animal does that...

Chickens. Okay not exactly chickens (as in chicken rice). Roosters, and they cross the road. Why did the rooster cross the road? To annoy us. Yes these roosters are no longer around, because they were so annoying. (Don't worry they weren't eaten). They supposedly belonged to a guy who lived in the Estate and kept the roosters across the road. Yes, across the road, and stop asking questions. There were like about five of them I guess, and I heard that they were expensive ones, not for eating. Meanwhile, the guy somehow died. I didn't hear the whole story anyway. The roosters then were left alone with no owner...and somehow they weren't restrained anymore. So they crossed the road (argh dammit) and came into the Estate. Now that wouldn't be bad if you see a beautiful bird when you were walking but these roosters had no sense of time. Yeah everyone knows they wake people up at dawn by crowing or calling or shouting or whatever. Now these roosters. They call at 0500 hours. A bit too early? The sun hasn't even risen. They call at 0600. Okay perhaps that's acceptable...They call at 0700. Nobody hears them anyway, we're not living in the past you know, people use alarm clocks now. They call at 1200. Huh they're still caling? They call at 1600. It's getting annoying...They call at 1900. !#*^%$^%! They call at 2100. What the!? They call at 0000. )!*#(&%^( CHICKENASUAHS

Anyway, obviously you can't take it when you've been woken up at four in the morning by friggin roosters. So we called those workers who were around fixing the swimming pool at the time to catch them and somehow donate them to somewhere else. Yeah, they're going to take care of them quick 'cos chickens can't fly. But these roosters can FRIGGIN fly!! I mean, they fly more than a cockroach! AND they know when to use their wings...Just when people are about to get them. So, when it was determined they HAD to use specialised people and equipment to get them, we had more sleepless nights.

They got them eventually though. And there ARE other creatures here and there. A usually elusive one is the squirrel...well cute things don't appear in your face often. And even when you spot one on a tree trunk, the squirrel will be on the direct opposite side of it, and as you go around the tree trunk, it goes around the tree trunk too, and you will never get to see it until it reaches the top of the tree and hides in the leaves. Somehow. (And thay means you can't get to see it). And no, it wasn't a thick tree.

The rarest though was probably a pangolin. When I first saw it I thought it was an armadillo (because I didn't know what was a pangolin), and it was in a thick tree in the Estate. I have absolutely no idea how it got there, nor have I ever seen such an animal, or expect to see such an animal in anywhere in Singapore which isn't named 'Teh Zoo'. There was a man and his daughter passing by, I remembered, and the little girl asked "what's that?" to her father and the man took a glance at it and said "it's a cat" and I nearly OMGWTFLOLBBQCHICKENASUAHS on my own saliva(some copy-paste there, and I'd admit I was putting in some exaggeration). It reminded me of a sloth because it was so slow, and it didn't even look *remotely* like a cat. It was even bigger than an average cat. Anyway it was reported and taken away by something else (didn't know what it was, but it wasn't Teh Zoo I guess). Well it was still something interesting that you don't see every day. Or every life.

There are still many random creatures, albeit less intereting ones, in the 'Dairy Farm'. There are like lots of cicadas, frogs near the swimming pool, beetles, squashed lizards, crazy dogs (though they had an owner) and bald-headed humanoid figures going bonkers at everything (I believe that's a human). Until I have more time (like after Physics examination tomorrow), I may just elaborate on them (especially that humanoid thing).
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