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Sunday, July 29, 2007

That was too much

Yeah I was stressed...but somehow I ended up with a swollen finger.

Not pleasant at all, since that finger is nearly my most important one...the index finger of the right hand. Can't hold chopsticks well, and I can't write at all. However, I can still type because of the little energy needed to press a button...

So yeah I stare at my homework before attempting write using my third finger as support but I can't. And I have to postpone/skip another piano lesson...and if it recovers by tomorrow so that I have no proof that it is swollen then SOMEbody is cursing me...

Hopefully it is not that bad. Recover after tomorrow will do...and now, there is a night study plan where I can study until I sleep. Helpful, and I hope I can cope with that.

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