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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rest in Peace

And after a whole lot of backpedalling, I have fallen.

Yes, not enough sleep again. I didn't go to school today, but I felt it was some preparation for a good rest. In these three weeks, chapters and chapters of work and information have been piling onto everybody's brains. Even the geniuses of the class are failing to cope in one or more subjects. And to make it worse, the school takes away any rest day after school or on Saturdays available by organising events, activities and whatever not that you would have wish come earlier in the year when it could have.

Examples? Here you go: College day last Saturday, when files were due and tests were looming ahead, not to mention unfinished assignmets and tutorials. Racial Harmony day Celebration-held after school on a CCA day yesterday. And CCA was still on after that. Tomorrow, I will still be attending my CCA until about six in the evening, whereby I will need to make a trip to my ex-school for...more CCA until nearly ten in the evening. That will be the same next Friday too, and the day after that will be the College Open House. Don't they stop coming?

Add the clashing of a Chemistry test to my Alumni Band Performance in August, and there you have a postponement of postponements. I will still need to catch up on Functions of Mathematics (like I have ever did two years ago) for a test I was supposed to take today. And still I haven't understood a new Chapter of Physics, caught up on Geography topics I was supposed to know but don't because I didn't take that subject for Ordinary Levels Examinations, or revise what my Chemistry teacher has taught in extra lessons after Mondays and Fridays (before CCA) that were not even taught in lectures yet. AND there is a Geography remedial next Monday. In case you're wondering, I'm not exaggerating. Actually, in retrospect, I think everybody who is attending College in Singapore is actually experiencing this. Makes you think how sad it is.

Classmates are sleeping at 2130 hours on weekdays to get enough sleep. And that's for sacrificing their work done. For sleeping at 0230 hours this morning, I had a shrewd feeling I wasn't going to make it. For the nine hours of sleep I have regained, I am finally feeling better after getting an average of four hours of sleep every night. A miracle if I had time to update this page. But I have.

Yes so I should stop whining and focus all attention to myself. But as I have mentioned, this probably applies to many College students around...only that they can cope because they understand their homework better. As I have still been wondering...I am not so much as a Mathematical person. As much as doing mathematics has been nearly a torture for me, I would have found it fun if it was simple to absorb, like some others have known. How would this happen to us? Why are we graded only by subjectal (if that's a word) means? Yes that's necessary at secondary level but it has never struck me now that I would want to be a Mathematics Professor. Nor a Physics Expert. Nor a Professional Chemist. And, now, nor a animation director. So what am I? Yes the polytechnic is there. What of Music does it give? What balances both Arts and Science to an equal extent?

I ask for too much, I might have known. But if you know there's something wrong if you're trying to make some sense out of something that doesn't, and doesn't appeal to you at all. And things that will actually hurt your health by piling on top of your head. Honestly, if I were not tested in those subjects, I would have rather gladly attend all those CCAs, all those College Days. Alas, they are not graded. Nobody gives a damn how much you have helped. It is all in your certificate.

You are nothing but your results. Results of something you are not proud of. If that does not apply to you, don't worry. If it does, there's someone out there that's like you.
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