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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Return to Boredom

Let's forget about that post...somehow it's buggy. Perhaps one fine day I will dig it back out and paste it here. By then it will be like redundant. Schoolwork is alright I guess, just have to work slightly harder to catch up. But I know, it soon won't be.

Today I woke up took bus 67 cross overhead bridge walk to school had boring chemistry lecture break triple chinese general paper discussion where I did a lousy presentation and mathematics where our teacher did not come because she was ill and we had to combine with another class full of girls who didn't act like girls and the room had air conditioning. Then I had lunch hum near the fence and went for band practice which was quite uninteresting then I went home and went to my neighbour's house and came back home and had dinner and type here haha haha end of paragraph.

Nothing really interesting lately except that our class has a really erm...weird Class Manager. he slacks. That's all.

I'll try to post that old post again.
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