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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Snap to Reality

It's back to reality. I must still focus what I'm studying for (if I'm studying). Am I really sure about this?

The problem is, doubts are rising.

I won't type too long because is more than 1am in the morning and I haven't showered.

AND so another new month arrives, but I still feel quite stranded in Nevilinity. What I'm supposed to do now is worse than reading a Mathematics textbook. The reason is a Mathematics textbook is good for reading but not for working.

Anyway, I'm not doing my work. Somehow I'm not motivated to do anything. How can this be? I still wonder to myself. I am not myself. I do not act properly. But I will.

I will believe to. AND if you do too, we shall succeed. To no other could imagine.
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