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Monday, July 10, 2006

Busy Schedules

These days, everything else is more important than sleep. Including entertainment.

The reason why I'm staying up now is because of the 2006 World Cup Finals which will start approximately when I complete this entry. It's France against Italy. It's once in four years. Not much else to say, just to watch.

Then, there's more to watch on the television, that's a lot if you know that I only watch sports (90%) and discovery stuff (only when I'm bored). I was watching Tour de France at half past nine, and I could have watched Wimbledon Tennis Finals right now, but I have something else to do.

AND now these other things include homework. Ah, as I always do, put stuff until the last night. I might re-delay, but the thing is, there's even more stuff to complete in the next two days. If only, I had an extra week...

Somehow the time vanishes. It rips past faster than you could realize. So fast, and so busy, that my hair has probably been the longest since I was born.

Happy notes to myself, wonder if sleep is worth all this.
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