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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A post a month...and something's missing again

Well many things have been going wrong...my sister had to use some Chinese program so she could type chinese into the computer and the program almost made my computer end up in a neverending looping restarting session. However, there are some aftereffects...and those are that when I view my MSN list to look at its prettiness the words seem to squash and stretch at the wrong times making them look like black pretzels. Not only that, now I can't view some words on a site because they somehow turn into a mixture of korean?, question marks, and stuff that looks like they support a bench.

Anyway, my blog is bugged...haha. I'm not perfect, nor do I think I'll ever be, but this self-customized template here has bound to yield some problems. Sometimes I can't view the page even from my own home, and sometimes it's just the colour of deep blue which is the background.

Unfortunately now I see everything except the deep blue which is also frustrating but at least you can see some words...haha. I'm not so simplistic and plain to the extent whereby everything will be black and white, but it seems like the site views differently from whichever computer you are using. I see it well from my home, I don't see the blog font typed in Tahoma from one of those minimacs from my school(which sucks), and now I view it here without any deep blue background...only pale green letters floating around on a white surface.

Okay, now to the more serious matters. I'm now posting on average once a month, but I hope I won't be. So Don't Leave Me. I just want to be kind and not type those four words all in Capital Letters :)

Oh yeah, the school break is just over. My break, for your hungering knowledge, is only two weeks long, half of those Primary Secondary Junior-Collegedly students. You may point a finger at me(my blog) and laugh at me, but you're pointing at your own computer screen forgetting that I have a slacky break you desire. Well that's not the point. The point is I will soon have a break longer than yours when you're having examinations. Not that I like revenge, it's just so happens it comes by my way, so I must oblige to accept it.

AND yes, the reason why I'm not really telling everybody about this blog (though I don't object anyone of you spreading it for me) is because I don't really update it that often, and as I said, it currently looks different to you according to your face. Don't doubt me for loving my life, for then I shall never be able to believe in myself. Don't misunderstand me for viewing this as a problematic system milestone in my life, because it's not. Don't be stupid and deduce what those two sentences meant because I didn't mean it. AND keep me in your life forever, for I need you as much as you require that missing part of your life.

It all comes down to this though, the power of...you know what. i'm not in the season for it, it tends to happen late in the year. But all you, whatever you think, must keep this embedded in your mind: Nobody holds a grudge against me. For if you do, you will suffer more than you think.

Well actually the suffering part is not true unless you force me, but you must remember my very first post. We live in a world full of EViL. If you forgive and hate one person less, you will find that you LiVE in a world, not just to exist.

And I step back, and say Good Evening.
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