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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Argubly Erratic.

Well and so ain't it...I'm typing again here. What's so special is that:

1. I'm posting in just a few days after the previous post, unlike others before that
2. It's 1:17 AM in the morning
3. I don't feel lazy.

So it's rare, in this kind of time...but who knows anyway. I might even post more and more...

However, there's not much good news about it going around. My granduncle just passed away, and although I didn't know him that well, it's still not something to be happy about. Fortunately nobody else was really that distressed, he had been quite ill before that. Then, I've got homework to do, delayed by my sister's apparent stubborn usage on the computer. That I'll discuss later.

Putting unhappy matters aside, there's a lot to realize...

AND first, I realize the most meaningful module I'm taking right now. I'm in a Digital Media Course, but ironically that meaningful module I'm talking about is Communication Skills. It couldn't have been more useful. Actually it could but I'm not that demanding...so I shall share what I have learnt, and what you should know too.

First thing, I DON'T WANT A ROLEX WATCH. It's a milestone. Now I don't even wear any watch, I use the clock in my phone, which synchronises perfectly with the school clocks so they can't complain. So if you ever wanted to give me something nice and golden, don't give me a Rolex Watch. If you did I'll use it as my alarm clock or something provided it has any alarm function which it shouldn't...otherwise you'd better give me a nice transparent box to go with it so I can display it.

Second thing. Lead with your heart. With intelligence. Yes, that's what I like. Think before you act. Make sure that's what you want. Make sure you want what to happen afterward. Otherwise you might regret more than you think.

Third thing. Don't make decisions when you're out of touch with your feelings, when you're too emotional. When you're euphoric, don't go treating everybody because you will regret it even if you tell yourself no. If you're distressed, don't tear up everything or ruin your table because you will regret you lost something you actually loved. Again, think back to leading with intelligence. Make sure that's what you want, and the concequences.

Final thing. Don't be too stubborn. Sometimes being stubborn can be a good thing, but really insisting it when you know there's something wrong with it...means there's something wrong with you. Now I have an example here which is my sister. There are too many instances of her stubborn nature that I can't emphasize any further...

Linking back to one of those above paragraphs, my sister likes to use the computer. She surfs this site which is Friendster(trademark or copyright or something). Well apparantly why I don't really approve of the usage is how she uses it.

Many factors count in this, and one is that they(Friendster) impose an age limit...apparently my sister and her friends and people all over Singapore who aren't of age don't follow this, and turns out some 80 year old woman actually looks younger than me. Then they start to add all their friends and compare how many friends they have. Well this is understandable, it's just human pride and ego like how some people compare the number of contacts on their MSN list. It's actually quite ridiculous if you think about it. Then, they start writing testimonials without knowing what it means. Basically, they treat testimonials as e-mails or short messages. What's worse is that they compare their number of testimonials which is downright stupid if each one says "hi i saw you today hahahahahahaha" which is actually true but sad. AND their numbers extend to hundreds, even though none of them are valid and fit the meaning given by a proper English dictionary. So where does the stubborn character come in? It's the fact I have already told her all this. Unfortunately, as teenagers now do, they like to follow the trend, the flow of direction, where everybody is going. Thus even they know it's not really that right, just to keep in touch with 'friends', they hanky-panky dilly-dally their cute little messages to waste time as they actually mean nothing. There are more reasons why I don't really like Friendster and how my sister uses them, like "Oh My God who's this anonymous creature who added me as a friend in the list it will ruin my list!!DELETE REMOVE I DON'T KNOW YOU" when it's Friendster for a reason...

But the biggest reason is that Friendster lags. Owns all.

I'm sorry but I didn't actually mean to make Friendster look bad it's just how my sister uses it and she's not copyright. Let's hope you're not one of those too...

Now I'm not saying that following the trend, following what's popular now isn't good, but it's that there are other ways around them. My sister is dragged into the midst of the trend...but that's about enough of her. I'm also not trying to advertise her foolishness, but I can't really resist it anyway. On her request, she has asked me to state Here that I, JLam aka Finoq/Mothballz etc. of now, that I have only stated her bad points, and that she is in fact good in other areas like blah blah blah without punctuation

Back to following trends, I'm not really that kind of person. I prefer to lead with my heart and follow where it leads. It may make me look odd, but it isn't so bad after all. It's just the things I do are not things you see everybody do, it's just that a small number of other people do it as well, and they mean more to me than say, Singapore Idol.

If you want examples of the things I do, those who know me well would know; collecting bus guides, collecting pens, developing EE...other people may say I'm crazy, and even those who know me may still doubt my sanity, but I am as sane as you, if you understand what I mean.

AND that's why, crying out DiViNE EViL everytime and greeting Good Evening in the morning doesn't bother me, and it has shown. This shows character, but we must still remember not to be too stubborn. AND by this I mean, if you demand me to say Good Morning in the morning, then I would.

Reporting from home, taking approximately 45 minutes to type and post, shall I complete.

For now, it's Good Evening.
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