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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Said So.

Aha. I return, half a month later.

AND I'm in a state of Nevilinity. (for the meaning of Nevilinity, check previous posts, it's got to be somewhere here) It's Chinese new year...yeah. AND I get little money...oh well don't discuss it. It's because my relatives are all not in Singapore. They're in Hong Kong, Australia, United States...but not in Singapore. BUT that does not matter. So long as I am in Singapore, I'll be willing to stay here. In Dairy Farm Estate. Ha.

It's a break for me...and my battered body. I have, uh, gone through the thick and thin of my propagandic school, and their batch of crazy tutors. I believe, with whatever result I will get for my 'O' Levels, I'm not going back there. Serious.

Talking about 'O' Levels, the release of the results are only about 2 weeks away. I start to worry now, but for what anyways. So I say yeah to myself, forget it, continue playing Legend of the Green Dragon, and surf SgForums even though you may say I'm stupid. I don't mind. Really. What I mind more is trying to get all those bus service guides available. I've almost covered the whole of the West Singapore's bus terminals and interchanges. That includes Woodlands, Bukit Panjang, Bukit Batok, Choa Chu Kang, Jurong East, Boon Lay, Clementi...and Sembawang and Yishun from the East. What irritates me most was service 77 from Bukit Batok to Marina Centre. You don't expect me to go to Marina Centre to get a bus guide unless I'm doing shopping which is really very rare unless I go to Kinokuniya and go search for new pens but that's not the point. I went to Bukit Batok Interchange twice in 2 days and still no 77 service guides!! I asked the guy from SgForums, he said there were sv. 77 guides there. So the first time I went there, I searched but didn't find any sv. 77 guides. I only found sv. 177, 173, etc...I went home and said it wasn't there. He said, it was hidden between the other guides, and he was 100% sure it was. I cursed to myself, why didn't I search more thoroughly? So the next day I went there, preparing to search every single service guide rack...and I found them ALL empty! ALL empty! I mean, there were 4 full stacks the previous day, and now they're all empty! So I asked the office and they said they didn't have any...oh well. I have to wait for more news. I'll tell you if I get it. Sometimes, it's really disgusting.

What? Do I hear you asking what I'm doing this for? OK, I do this for fun...collection. It's a challenge. Although they're free, you need to go all over Singapore Island to get them. AND when you get them and keep them, they're worth some ehhherm...cash in the future. You know, I've seen pictures of service guides 10 years ago and my fingers start getting itchy, and itchy refers to touching the service guides, not anything else you may had intentions of thinking. I only I collected those guides then...OK, stop thinking about it.

BUT it's quite weird. It's a weird cycle. AND I know many people can't spell weird, but that's out of point. You imagine, I didn't want to go to this school, I didn't need to, but I went, and I still don't want to, but if it wasn't for it I wouldn't have gone to Woodlands Regional Interchange every day and find a whole big stack of service guides as Woodlands has one of the most bus services in its Interchange, and if it weren't for that I wouldn't go all over Singapore (or rather, the west of Singapore) to look of those danged bus guides.

It's a personal interest, and yay, you get to know more about me. And oh yeah, I had a dream last night.


I was trying to drive a car. What the hell. Ok, this car really sucked in handling and I was hitting the walls everywhere but that didn't mind. Then I drove up this bridge like Benjamin Sheares Bridge (Benjamin Sheares Bridge is in Singapore, for your info, but I was definitely wasn't in Singapore), and erm, there was this blank space that I forgot what happened. Then I got off the car and saw erm, Yongwen driving a car too. There was this whole lot of people learning how to drive cars and Yongwen was sort of, abusing his advantage to drive. One of the mothers of another learner who was fat (the mother was fat) scolded at Yongwen dunno for what. Yongwen threw something at her (looked like my tissue paper used to contain my mucus) and they started fighting. Then he got away and ran because everybody was hunting for him. They ran through this, erm, corridor with a high ceiling and wide path. I was told to stop him by running to a switch and pulling down a gate so he couldn't get through and I went there but then I felt I was betraying people from my own school then I woke up.

~-End of Dream-~

Haha. Weird. So stay here and visit every half month and you shall see...my erm turbulent life...in the state of Nevilinity...
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