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After I've seen some people's blogs, my recent posts are very...lazy...yeah. What can I do about it.

Recently, I have been collecting SMRT guides everywhere...trying to get every one. Unfortunately one of the services, 175, was removed, so its guides were also removed. I had to go to MRT stations I've never been before...like Yishun and Sembawang...I don't take the MRT often you know...those unintelligent MRT designers had to build a North-South line, a East-West line, and a North-East Line...that covered almost every part of urban Singapore...except Bukit Timah of course. They realized their problem, and built a LRT system in Bukit Panjang....I might as well take a bus anywhere else. BUT they plan to build a Bukit Timah MRT Line that passes by my house...really near...Fantastic isn't it? Yeah. I'll have to wait for 10, yes TEN years for the construction of that. By then my house might be too old to stand. I like my are of Singapore though. Quite central, and because of the MRT unavailability, lots of buses pass by my house...hehe...Did I mention what was the nearest MRT station? It's Bukit Gombak. Really near, unless if you count that Lake and Park of course. AND the Ministry of Defence. Unless you can go right through their..um...defences. AND only for a MRT station?? Oh well.

Ok, I won't be so bad. I was bullshytting up there, because my house is practically in the middle of almost nowhere in the middle of Singapore, if you know what I mean. It's sensible for them to cater to the New Towns and not houses stuck next to the Bukit Timah Hill. BUT Dairy Farm is the best. Dairy Farm is the most spacious condominium you can ever compare with new comdominiums...(FYI Dairy Farm [Estate] is a condominium, not a Dairy Farm.) I'm not bragging, I'm just lonely...so next time you go hiking you can come visit me. Before you hike though. That's because after you climb the hill you'd probably feel so hot and humid (if it's a hot day) and you would like to jump into the quarry and swim but you can't because you can't swim or it is dangerous so you think of me and my bragging of my house and you want to come here to take a shower or bath or a swim in my swimming pool and waste my water bills so that next time I don't have enough money to stay in Dairy Farm Estate the very spacious condominium and I would have to move to a New Town which is near a MRT station and you know how I hate MRT stations because wherever I go I'll use MRTs and nobody will use buses anymore and if that happens there will be less buses and less people will support the buses and if that happens the SMRT people will think that they would rather concentrate on their trains and won't print bus guides and if THAT happens, I'll have no bus guides to collect and because of that I'll be bored having nothing to collect so I will try a new hobby called skydiving so I will climb up to the top of my HDB block and do the cheapest skydive without any expensive equipment at all. Phew. AND you know what will happen don't you. It will be my first and last skydiving experience. AND you'll be responsible for it. See how you shouldn't come and visit me actually, so why am I bragging (whatever)? It's to make you collect service guides too! (Actually it's just to post an impressive long post here. If it's lame, please thank me. I have succeeded then.)

Oh yeah, I also succeed if you read down to here. Now onto more 'formal' stuff.

I was sorry I could not post the last time, my times on the computer are so restrained. No fear though, I can use the coms in the school...on SgForums, mostly. In the last 3 months of 2005, I only made about 200 posts, 100 of those posts in December. Imagine...I posted 70+ messages in only 3 days...it really shows the activity. People are kind of sick of reading those lous messages...many are critisizing the forum...you can do your part though...share your thoughts...but you must be patient if you get 'assaulted'...erm if that's the right word to use.

It was formal, wasn't it?

Now I have got to have my dinner. I have succeeded in this task...it's actually quite simple to go on once you're onto a subject that you can expand, expand....expand...oh well. So...prepare for a long wait before you expect too see another post as long as this.

P.S. If you have guides of 61, 77, 180, 950, 965, NR6, NR7, and especially 175, you can e-mail me, PM me on SgForums, call me, knock on my door...oh no don't do that...whatever else other than coming to my house (especially after you climb Bukit Timah Hill) and give them to me. If you can get 2 of each it's better...and don't expect any 'tips', or basic payment more than 2X5 cents. :EViL LaUGh:
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