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Monday, January 30, 2006

Free Time.

It's been a long time since I've had some free time...to go out to the uncommon places of Singapore (to me) and see Singapore the other side, which is actually the East. So my family set off on a trip around East Singapore today, but actually I don't really understand the motive. Just because it's Chinese New Year and you have lots of money doesn't mean you can burn fuel to travel around to two airports. Yes, I mean it.

While we're on the topic of Chinese New Year and his Angpows, I've got $58 this year, which has got to be one of the most I've got. Yeah. Even my neighbour whose parents don't earn as much as mine has $200 only from his father. Yeah. If I had that much I'll be a thousandaire by now. Unfortunately I'm still only a hundredaire, which is the result of saving money and those hungry days at my Junior College...no, actually their food sucked. So much so as to make me feel nauseous. I'm really a guy who saves money as much as possible. Money is the root of all EViL, but a money plant ain't got EViL roots anyways. I'll tell you what is the root of all EViL. People. Humans. Homo Sapiens. Fleshy four-limbed beige-coloured lumps with a hard extra object attached to it which contains THE root of ALL EViL...and it ain't got any roots at all.

Returning to my original subject, the first thing we went to was...my JC. Fortunately we didn't stop and we went to Jalan Kayu to get some prata. After that we went north, past Tampines Expressway (TPE), and into Picadilly Circuis!?

Well, that's supposed to be in England. Actually, it's near Seletar Airport... you go in there and see. All the street names there are named after England street names. Even the surroundings, roads, houses and lamp posts looked like as if they were from England. You certainly wouldn't believe that was Singapore. We speculated for quite a while, visited the Seletar Airport...which contained old planes. How did I know? They were planes which used propellers. Yeah. Those with two or four propellers on the wings. AND they aren't private planes. They looked as if they could carry 200 people, which reminded me about Transport Tycoon. Never mind if you don't know.

Then we carried on to Punggol and its really wowwing MRT station. It was big, majestic, high-tech looking, and...empty. I decided to visit its temporary bus interchange for service guides (heh heh) and I had to use an underpass which looked like it was built for display. You imagine...I was walking through it and my legs caught on spiderwebs!...However, the automatic doors were nice, folding inwards when you approached them. By the way, the station IS in operation.

Then we went more eastward, and northward to Changi Village. There was a bus terminal there, but no service guides... :( Perhaps it's because the supposed control room looked like a portable toilet. We had a walk there, looked around the strait between Singapore and Malaysia (or is it Pulau Ubin) and did some exercise after sitting around for too long. Exercise also included moving the mouth to munch on some ice-cream. Yeah, munch.

After all that uninteresting Northeast exploration, we returned to the vehicle exploration. We went even more Eastward and Northward (don't worry, we haven't reached the sea yet), so much so that we were even more Eastward and Northward than Changi Airport. Yeah, I did mention that we travelled to both airports today...although we didn't really go in. There was this really really long main road to the east of Changi Airport. It was straight, too, and if you looked down the road from the beginning it would look like a tunnel as trees covered the top from both sides. It's a really nice avenue. For some reason they named the road Changi Coast Road. If I'd seen any coast Changi Airport would be underwater.

So yay, we all returned home via East Coast Parkway (ECP) and that was somewhere uninteresting as I have travelled along it numerous times, so I fell asleep. Hooray. So I've learnt something about Singapore. You should too. Yeah, I had another dream last night.

Just joking. Good dreams are rare. Good Evening for now.
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